These are VERY popular with the British audiences and designed for all ages and abilities in schools, colleges, museums, public and private groups. Traditional Storytelling, Artefact Handling, Models, Music, Games, Spiritual & Traditional Medicine are some of the subjects touched on. You'll hear about History, Culture, Home life, Clothing, Dwellings, Religion, Food, Weapons & Warriors and the hands-on use of traditional tools of all American Indian tribal cultures and how they relate and differ from one another. These Presentations are Hands-On & Interactive, and designed to teach the students to Listen to Instruction, Hand & Eye coordination, Working Together and using plain old "Common Sense". Each school booking will receive a free Teachers Resource Pack pertaining to their age group, full of info., ideas, class projects, stories, etc. to prepare for the day and afterwards. All students are encouraged to participate on the day for a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Contact me by email or telephone and I'll send a quote, if you agree on the price, a booking form along with a copy of my CRB will be posted. The quote will stay the same price, unaffected by the amount of students participating, though remember the more students, the less time for activities. Ideally I prefer a classroom size at a time, approximately 1 hour or longer if possible. Younger groups can be satisfied with a 30 minute Storytelling session, as their attention span is usually, but not always shorter. The quote will be for a school days work, be it a half day or a whole day, due to the distances travelled. No deposits are needed, but I will need payment on the day, when the job is finished, unless prior arrangements have been made.


If enough time is alloted to each group (hour or longer), a "Medicine Bundle" can be made by each participant to take home on the day. The "Medicine Bundle" is a traditional good luck charm worn as a necklace, bracelet or attached to just about anything. These will contain a special herbal mix, with each student bringing something personal to add such as, but not limited to a stone, flower, leaf, or anything personal to the student, (no larger than a thumbnail) and a small feather. I'll provide all of the other materials free of charge and ready to use.


If you're too far for me to travel or would like to supplement the day, teaching resources can be found at my online store "THE INDIAN TRADER", including books, craft supplies, CD's and DVD's, please use the Products link to the left where you will be redirected.


Adult Cultural Presentations and workshops are also available. These more intentsive and will delve into each subject more thoroughly, they can also include a craft workshop. Adult courses will also include dressing up in tribal clothing, my family tribal history and experiences, music, video and other images, Religion, Traditional Medicine, Artefacts, Tool Use, and Storytelling. These can last a day or the weekend, with more than enough activities to keep everyone busy. If interested a sample course outline can be provided along with a quote.